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How to Style Your Bookshelves

There are times when you  look at your bookshelf and understand that books on a shelf seem very boring. Of course, you have the opportunity to buy a new book rack or transfer books to the other side of the room, but we recommend decorating shelves with something interesting.


Inspired by the work of interior designers, we realized that the key to the success of a beautiful and large bookshelf is the relevant accessories and decor elements. We have collected some of them:


-Flowerpots with plants. 

This decor element, like no other, will bring color and freshness to your bookshelf. Most often, designers prefer small flower pots of succulents or violets. Tip: choose plants that will not grow much, and do not forget to put a stand under the flowerpot so as not to ruin the books and a piece of furniture with water and buy a new bookshelf.


– Non standard shelves. 

Now on sale you can buy book racks and shelves of non-standard configurations that will become the main emphasis in your interior, e.g., cube or ladder bookcase.  No way to buy? Having shown imagination and having studied many detailed instructions on the Internet (for example, on Pinterest), you can build something like this yourself.


-Unusual shelf shapes

They look very original at 45 degrees, which are held on special racks. It looks quite creative as a decorative element. You can also see whole furniture compositions from shelves, decorated in the form of cardboard or avant-garde figures.


-Create a structure in several rows

One of the simple and working design techniques is to arrange items in several rows. For example, on stacks of books there are small figurines or candles in candlesticks. This method makes small accessories more meaningful and noticeable.


-Discard too small items

Very small items, most likely, will not add beauty to your library bookcase, but rather create a visual mess. Large objects on bookcase shelves will help to hide the variegated roots of books and chaos on the shelves, drawing their eyes to themselves.


It does not matter if the shelves are part of the furniture or stand out as a separate composition. They will always shape the appearance of the room along with the rest of the items. That is why designers give them the most careful attention in their work.