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If you care about the full development of the child, and get him a lot of educational materials and fascinating prints- you will definitely need to buy bookshelves for in the nursery. With their help, you can neatly store in one place not only manuals, but also books, toys, educational games and useful little things.


 Nursery book shelves can be placed on the wall, window sill, desk or as an independent rack. Our online store offers a wide range of hinged and floor shelves for books and toys for children. They will help to interest young researchers, accustom them to independent studies and teach them to keep order.


For the curious researchers select the appropriate shelf for toys, kids books and manuals in their children’s room. Our online store presents products that are diverse in size, type and functionality.


Shelves can be bought from any city of the USA. Comfortable and fast delivery will help to avoid queues and choose from a narrow assortment in stores. All products are made of environmentally friendly materials and safe for children of any age. A modern design will decorate any nursery.


The furniture market has a wide range of kids bookshelf storage systems:

-hinged shelves are very convenient for placing children’s books, small toys, children’s crafts. Such a decision will give additional space for things and at the same time will not take up extra space. By the way, shelves can be placed above the child’s bed, firmly securing between the closet and the rack;


-a floor standing wooden book shelf with an additional compartment for toys is an ideal choice for a modern children’s room. It performs 2 main functions: storage of things and teaching the baby to order. The floor shelf in the nursery should not turn into a warehouse of all the books of the baby. There should be some literature in his access. It is also necessary to update the reading kit once every 1-2 weeks so that the child always has an interest in books;


-The corner children’s bookcase should be safe, stand firmly on the floor or be firmly attached to the wall. Such models are considered safe there are not sharp corners, protrusions, glass, mirror elements, accessories are firmly fixed, there are no small parts that can be easily unscrewed.


-Children’s nursery book rack will be a great place to arrange books or a collection of children’s crafts. After all, they look so wonderful on the open shelves of a children’s rack in the interior of a child’s room. At the same time, in order to avoid injuries to the baby, it is important not to forget to pay attention to the fact that large and heavy books are located on the children’s shelf below, while soft and light ones can take a seat even higher;